Close to the Earth

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Visiting at Joshua Tree National Park and having a moment to have a match tea. Feels close to soil, sky and air…smell the earth and taste true green.

Summer Tea Ceremony


It was beautiful Sunday at Fire Island. Tom and I got invited to a very special Watermelon Matcha Tea Ceremony. It is not common to use a watermelon as a tea kettle in a tea ceremony. Watermelon juice and matcha come together in a perfect combination for a casual summer refreshing matcha tea. The young generation of Japanese tea ceremony master Souheki Mori, shared  with us a beautiful Japanese tea ceremony. “Something invisible and precious, sensing further spiritual growth of yourself through Japanese Tea Ceremony.”   We would like to say A huge thanks to Mr. Globus who made this event happen.

Sushi and Tea

© EunYoung Sebazco
chef andy

My friend and I were thrilled to step into Globus Chashitsu KeiSui-An yesterday. Globus Washitsu had another fabulous event. “Sushi demonstration with chef Andy Matsuda & Tea Ceremony with Tea Master Souheki“. Master Sushi Chef Matsuda has worked in the finest sushi restaurants in major US cities. In 2002, he established the Sushi Chef Institute which is located in Los Angeles. He has taught the art of sushi for beginners to professional all over the globe. It was pleasure to watch his work and participate in conversation at the Tea Ceremony. Before he started the demo, he explained the history of sushi and sushi culture in modern times. It was interesting to hear how it has integrated into American culture. He also talked about using fresh local produce, which is essential in sushi making. He said it is his responsibility in passing  over 100 years historic Japanese sushi culture to the next generation. It is the same that he learned by having it passed to him through older generations of great Sushi Chefs. He announces: “I am the messenger!”

Tea Ceremony & Flower arrangement

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Chabana (Tea ceremony flower) is a simple style of arranging seasonal flowers in a flower vase or basket for displaying on Tokonoma. I took this photo from Keisui-An in NYC when I was attending at Hatsugama tea ceremony. Chabana places in front of a hanging scroll. Chabana use only few flowers and little or no filler, and no more than a single flower. Vase gets choose natural material such as bamboo, basket or ceramic. Also, chabana needs to use a a shallow wider dish or tall narrow shape of vase. It is very therapeutic to enjoy the moment to experience another Japanese beauty.