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My pottery debut. For the first time I am exhibiting  to the public at A.J. Dillon Gallery of Art Atlantic Highlands, NJ in an exhibition titled: “Art in Nature”.  Thank you for to the gallery for accepting and their support, this is an amazing opportunity and experience. Also, a warm gratitude to Leeann Lavin, who curated this event and encouraged me upon this special celebration.  Deep Bow-

The Hare with Amber Eyes



“The first of the three rooms is the study in Paris in the 1870s of the art-critic Charles Ephrussi, the model of Swann in Proust, hung with Impressionist paintings by Renoir and Degas. The second room is the dressing-room of my great-grandmother Emmy von Ephrussi in the vast Palais Ephrussi on the Ringstrasse in Vienna. The third room is that of her son Ignace, my great-uncle Iggie, in Tokyo in the 1970s, an apartment looking out across central Tokyo.” – Edmund de Waal

This is my next reading! Can’t wait-