bright summer light



One summer day, walked through a spacial event “Frida Kahlo : Art, Garden, Life” Exhibition at New York Botanical Garden. Love to find bright sunflowers stand in front of vivid blue color wall.  It is summer!

look for a whimsical garden


One of favors evening parties in New York City Evening, The Antique Furniture Show Preview Party at New York Botanical Garden to visit to see rare vintage furniture and  meet celebrities. Thank you for inviting me my dear friend Leeann! Photo: Garden Pavilion from Barbara Israel.

whimsical trail

© EunYoung Sebazco


The New York Botanical Garden hosts its 22nd annual garden ornament show, Antique Garden Furniture Fair: Antiques for the Garden and the Garden Room April 25th to 27th, 2014. I was able to attend for the Preview Party & Collectors’ Plant Sale, Thursday, April 24. It made me very whimsical feel that I could enjoy all the classic garden furnitures and friends. walk slow, look carefully, find something…