“What does sound look like?”

@Kevin Mackintosh

ny phil biennial

“What does sound look like?”
Art and music collide at MoMA’s intimate garden lobby when Philharmonic musicians perform the U.S. Premieres of music inspired by Salzburg’s playful outdoor sculptures, surrounded by The Museum of Modern Art (#MoMa)’s iconic sculptures.

We went to MoMa late Saturday night for “CONTACT! At the Biennial: Beyond Recall by New York Philharmonic“. “What does sound look like?” Yes, it looks like we are wondering around mystery very wooded mountain.#letsplaynyp and I felt that this photo tells the story. I love the photo which was taken by Kevin Mackintosh.



moment of empty

© EunYoung Sebazco


I try to visit a museum  whenever I have time. No matter what days, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) is always full and busy with so many art lovers every corner. But I can find a moment that it feels like empty. Peaceful….