Go go summer

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News! Rice panicles (heads) are developing- They have been visible to the naked eye. Since we have had a cold summer season, the growing stages have shown up very slowly. It had made me nervous, but FINALLY I see the small grains. Hope this hot summer feast will be continued for a few more weeks for Koshihikari. Go go summer, no Autumn yet.

inspire us

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yoshi july

Two of my best friends visited the rice program today. Yoshi Kousaka (Sushi Master) is an executive Chef at Jewel Bako and MiHyun Han, the GM at Don’s Bogam. Chef Yoshi demonstrated how to make Onigiri (rice ball) and fresh Tsukemono (pickled vegetable). Summer camp youths enjoyed the process of making and then tasting. Chef Yoshi and MiHyun have consistently participated since I started the rice project. I believed that dining and cooking with the rice was important to understand why we grow rice all over the world. To see a product truly grow from a seed into a nourishing meal is an important aspect of our program. I cannot thank them enough for what they brought to us, accomplished with us and how much they inspire us.

bubble in the water

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rice july 21

As you imagine many elements has to work together. So, in order to make as close a natural habitat as possible in man-made rice paddies, a Solar Aquarium air pump has been added to assist in creating an ecological community found in natural rice paddies. The Solar Aquarium air pump creates bubbles to keep the water moving and circulating. And bubbling air maybe add some oxygen. (Also the fish help to circulate oxygen around the rice as well.)  Sunny days save the energy from the solar panel to make bubbles! pop! pop!

Rice season starts!

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rice seeds

Rice season starts! (Early May)

I have been involved with the rice project at Randall’s Island Urban Farm since 2011. My small curiosity had got me into starting to grow Rice plants, which are still the first known rice paddies in New York City. With my grandmother’s tutorage and my horticulture bible, we had a successful rice season and harvest. We have had some challenges and small issues, but we have improved and are excited to have the 4th Season. This year, we are growing Italian rice; “Carnaroli” and “Vialone,” which are from Melotti’s Farm. I look forward to seeing different varieties of rice growing in our rice paddies at the Urban Farm.