Power of Design

Photo by Junya Mori


Antique Kimono Exhibition “Power of Design”, an extraordinary experiencing at Globus Washitsu.  The exhibition is beautifully curated by Japanese Culture Style. It felt I was in a jewel box which I was extremely excited to discover treasures. Thank you for keeping the beauty of culture and sharing the amazing history with us.

Traditional outfit

J vs K

Left: Kimono (Japanese traditional garment)   Right: Hanbok ( Traditional Korean dress)

I think one of way to experiencing culture is trying on traditional clothes. “When to wear &  How to wear.”  Beauty of line, shape, pattern & color.  I have enjoyed wearing beautiful traditional outfits from both countries. One country, I was born with deep roots anchored in tradition. The other country, I spent 10 years and enjoyed it very much. I have been living in America over 10 years, but I am still looking for my third country’s traditional outfit. Any advise?

preserving and spreading the beauty

© EunYoung Sebazco

I received a large package from Japan. It is from my friend Kazue Sakai. What a beautiful gift! She is passing on her gorgeous Kimono. Words cannot describe the beauty and amazement to receive such a generous gift. In her note, she stated her reward is that I am a part of preserving and spreading the beauty of the Japanese culture and the Kimono around the world. I promise her that I will do my best to honor her wishes.

I admire a lot of people, but at the top is her along with my mother. She is a Japanese Landscape Architect who was only few female Landscape Architect in her generation. She has been such a very important person in my life. She taught me the way to find a deep philosophy within Landscape Architecture to devote myself to implement what I had learned into society. She also has shared and taught Japanese culture to me since I first met her in the Spring of 1993. I had a lot of amazing memories with her when I was in Japan and our journal continues even though we are 6,737miles away apart.

Her home and office is located in Tokyo, but she also owns a tea house in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture where is her hometown. http://www.tanso-an.jp/index1.html  If you are near, please check out her tea house “露蓮(はちすのつゆ)”.

I can’t wait to try on the Kimono, soon!