whiter than snow

© EunYoung Sebazco


What should I call? snowberry, waxberry, snakeberry or ghostberry….It is such a delicate attractive plant. It made me stop for a moment in the middle of woodland. It always joy to find the true jewels at ecological community.  Symphoricarpos

Aucuba japonica

Where is the berries? It clicks my head that Aucuba could have the berries. I remember that Aoki (Aucuba) is common landscape plant in Japan. Also, you could find berries on plant. But I am here in New York area now. Even though I planted several Aucuba past year, they don’t have any on yet. Yes, in order to get fruits it will need male and female plant but how do I identify or can I find them in this area (nurseries)? Even one of my friends who used to work at one of biggest nursery in northeast told me that he has no clue. There are many questions have raising. I found some answer at Paghat’s GardenOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA