spring beauty



eat seasonal


What I want to have a dinner or What I can cook for a dinner with seasonal ingredients? Whichever I make a decision, it makes a huge different in my shopping basket, and in my wallet. Long winter, most of vegetable are still pricey in our grocery store. Compare the cost of $3 per a Tomato, one head of Napa Cabbage is pretty reasonable price. I believe there are many reasons for eat Seasonal Vegetable. 1 taste is good, 2 higher nutrients, 3 save gas, 4 easy on the wallet, etc. Why don’t we eat seasonal vegetable then. I bought Asian radish (dikon) and made Kimchi. Now I understand better what Korean seasonal food culture tells. It spices up the spring appetite. (ingredients: radish, salt, red pepper, vinegar, garlic and  honey)

Between Umami and MSG

20150427_200558Is the meaning of the word Umami and in its connection with MSG being used correctly?  American chefs have started to use the word “Umami” for few years and now it is getting trendy. This has confused me. Here is an article about Umami & MSG. I attended at a lecture last week presented by the one of the largest companies that produces Umami spice (MSG). I was a generation who grew up with MSG. It has been used small portions in food like other spices. We consumed it occasionally in home meals or while dining out. I would prefer not to use MSG since I have have gained more knowledge. However, I am more fearful of sodas which has tremendous amount of sugar and has no GMO labeling available.



look for a whimsical garden


One of favors evening parties in New York City Evening, The Antique Furniture Show Preview Party at New York Botanical Garden to visit to see rare vintage furniture and  meet celebrities. Thank you for inviting me my dear friend Leeann! Photo: Garden Pavilion from Barbara Israel.