look for a whimsical garden


One of favors evening parties in New York City Evening, The Antique Furniture Show Preview Party at New York Botanical Garden to visit to see rare vintage furniture and  meet celebrities. Thank you for inviting me my dear friend Leeann! Photo: Garden Pavilion from Barbara Israel.

spring style


Yes, I am not the only one for waiting for Spring. Cerebrating Spring Season with flowers and flowers. I won’t say it is too much flowers on dress or bag. No matter what I won’t get tired of flowers, who would?…Happy Spring! Photo: FENDI BOUTIQUES

Power of Design

Photo by Junya Mori


Antique Kimono Exhibition “Power of Design”, an extraordinary experiencing at Globus Washitsu.  The exhibition is beautifully curated by Japanese Culture Style. It felt I was in a jewel box which I was extremely excited to discover treasures. Thank you for keeping the beauty of culture and sharing the amazing history with us.


© EunYoung Sebazco


Last night, I observed an amazing performance of 菊乃大野 who is a GEISHA-san from Nara, Japan. Her beauty of movements was harmonized with Kento Iwasaki & Hirona Amamiya. What an honor rare experience in New York City. Thank you for Globus Washitsu & J-Collabo making this event possible. Also,there was a Tea ceremony by master Satoko Souheki Mori, her passion will pass on to many of the next generation and other cultures. You guys are Cultural ambassadors!

Deep Bow-

Traditional outfit

J vs K

Left: Kimono (Japanese traditional garment)   Right: Hanbok ( Traditional Korean dress)

I think one of way to experiencing culture is trying on traditional clothes. “When to wear &  How to wear.”  Beauty of line, shape, pattern & color.  I have enjoyed wearing beautiful traditional outfits from both countries. One country, I was born with deep roots anchored in tradition. The other country, I spent 10 years and enjoyed it very much. I have been living in America over 10 years, but I am still looking for my third country’s traditional outfit. Any advise?



 My favorite magazine has arrived. Beautiful illustrations. I wish I am brave enough to wear it or I can afford to buy it.  

The floral patterned print is inspired by an anthology of 18th century English flora and fauna illustrations Carolina Herrera discovered on one of her visits to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art book store.”