Power of Design

Photo by Junya Mori


Antique Kimono Exhibition “Power of Design”, an extraordinary experiencing at Globus Washitsu.  The exhibition is beautifully curated by Japanese Culture Style. It felt I was in a jewel box which I was extremely excited to discover treasures. Thank you for keeping the beauty of culture and sharing the amazing history with us.

sizzling noise

© Kuu


Japan Society hold a lecture “Taste of Home Series Flipping Out: Okonomiyaki”. Okonomiyaki (okonomi: whatever you want/ yaki: grilled) cooking demonstration was run by Chef Shigenori Matsumoto on the stage with Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto who brought unexpected very humorous conversation. We could hear delicious sizzling noise and smell the flavorful Japanese pancake, and LOVE their entertaining stage manners…I love Hiroshima style Okonomiyai which use more vegetable than Kansai style. From this lecture I learned that Tofu Okonomiyaki would be a great way to add protein for who is a vegetarian like me. I am going to cook Okonomiyaki in this long winter!

knowing four seasons


Our scenes could tell the season changing that a temperature raise or goes down, young green leave start to come out or colorful foliage drops the end of fall season. However, how much we know how deeply the four seasons involves in our life style or arts? Learning more appreciation of four seasons that we have. ‘Japan and the culture of four seasons’ -Haruo Shirane

where the magic happens


Pottery Artist Ritsuko Moore shares her Bizen Yaki experimental work. She wraps her pieces with rice straw (top left), and she loads them to the Noborigama kiln (bottom left). Full of curiosity and excitement, their new appearance is revealed after 70 hours (right).  As you see, the rice straw wrap remains in the final presentation as a dark brown stain. This is the natural organic color of rice straw!

Deep bow

© EunYoung Sebazco


I was horned to be invited to a very special reception last week and a special person pinned this beautiful button on my jacket.  What a beautiful cherry blossom logo (illustration) for summer olympic Tokyo 2020. Also, my dear friend, Kazue Sakai has sent me Japanese souvenir “Nippon-Ichi” which wonderfully abstracts Japanese culture. Deep bow-