bright summer light



One summer day, walked through a spacial event “Frida Kahlo : Art, Garden, Life” Exhibition at New York Botanical Garden. Love to find bright sunflowers stand in front of vivid blue color wall.  It is summer!

eat seasonal


What I want to have a dinner or What I can cook for a dinner with seasonal ingredients? Whichever I make a decision, it makes a huge different in my shopping basket, and in my wallet. Long winter, most of vegetable are still pricey in our grocery store. Compare the cost of $3 per a Tomato, one head of Napa Cabbage is pretty reasonable price. I believe there are many reasons for eat Seasonal Vegetable. 1 taste is good, 2 higher nutrients, 3 save gas, 4 easy on the wallet, etc. Why don’t we eat seasonal vegetable then. I bought Asian radish (dikon) and made Kimchi. Now I understand better what Korean seasonal food culture tells. It spices up the spring appetite. (ingredients: radish, salt, red pepper, vinegar, garlic and  honey)