Traditional outfit

J vs K

Left: Kimono (Japanese traditional garment)   Right: Hanbok ( Traditional Korean dress)

I think one of way to experiencing culture is trying on traditional clothes. “When to wear &  How to wear.”  Beauty of line, shape, pattern & color.  I have enjoyed wearing beautiful traditional outfits from both countries. One country, I was born with deep roots anchored in tradition. The other country, I spent 10 years and enjoyed it very much. I have been living in America over 10 years, but I am still looking for my third country’s traditional outfit. Any advise?

2 thoughts on “Traditional outfit

  1. Living in different coutry gives me a lot of chances to think where I came from. Wearing Kimono is one of the ways to remind me my root and feel so happy that I have something to be proud of. No matter where I am, I don’t want to get lost who I am.
    BTW, you look very nice in both clothes.

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