Edible Flowers

© EunYoung Sebazco


I am a big city girl. I have never had own vegetable garden. well..tell the true. I wasn’t interested in growing any own vegetables. However, a garden where we created few years ago at my work place shakes me up. tomatoes, eggplants, papers, chards, cucumbers, carrots…wow.. I have been so much fun time at the vegetable garden past years. Last year, I collected many seeds not only perennials but also vegetables. And also, my grandma who has been teaching me a lots about vegetable garden gave me some seeds from her garden. I notice that she gave me Nasturtium seeds. I planted them but I never thought about harvesting seeds. Seeds are also edible? I love Nasturtium’s flower. It has fresh spicy radish flavor. I can’t wait for spring. Here, I find out what plants we can eat flowers part. Don’ be afraid, just try them. Wash them well.. BUT, Do not eat flowers from florists, nurseries or garden centers. These flowers have been treated with pesticides.

Agastache foeniculum Anise Hyssop
Alcea rosea L. Holly hock
Allium schoeonoprasum Chive Blossoms
Aloysia triphylla Lemon verbena
Anethum graveolens Dill
Angelica archangelica Angelica flower
Anthriscus cerefolium Chervil
Banana Blossoms
Borago officinalis Borage
Brassica officinalis Broccoli
Brodiaea douglasii Wild Hyacinth
Calendula officinalis Calendula
Chamomilla recutita Chamomile
Chrysanthemum spp. Chrysanthemum
Cichorium intybus Chicory
Citrus aurantium Bitter orange
Coriandrum sativum Cilantro/Coriander
Curcubita pepo Squash
Cytisus scoparius Bloom
Dianthus spp. Dianthus
English daisy
Foeniculum vulgare Fennel
Galium odoratum Sweet woodruff
Helianthus annuus Sunflower
Hemerocallis spp. Daylily
Hesperis matronalis Dame’s Rocket
Jasminum polyanthum Jasmine
Lavandula Lavender
Lonicera Honeysuckle
Malus spp. Apple Blossoms
Monarda Bee Balm
Ocimum basilicum Basil
Passiflora spp. Passion flower
Pea Blossoms
Peach blossoms
Pear blossoms
Pineapple Guava
Radish Flowers
Rosa spp. Rose
Rumex acetosa Graden Sorrel
Sambucus nigra Elder Flower
Sanguisorba minor Burnet
Syringa Lilac
Tagetes patula Marigold
Taraxacum officinale Dandelion
Trifolium pratense Red Clover
Tropaeolum majus Nasturtium
Viola cornuta Viola
Viola xwittrockiana Pansy

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