Green Tea trees

The greens tea was considered precious medicine between the17th century and 19th century in Asia. It has been deep rooted in our culture and still a regular presence in daily life and life style.

Two years ago, one of gardners started propagating the green tea tree from the seeds. Not to surprise that she lost half of seedling during the cold season past two years. Because the climate would be the problem to us. However, her passion led to success to 18 small green tea trees. The green tea trees are supposed to grow 12” per year but they are only now 4”-6” tall now.  They have grown on temporary site and she and I decided to relocate to permanent location. Hopefully this area provides good winter shelter and avoids direct sun and creates close to traditional the Matcha tea farm.

© Tea Whisk


Late summer I met the Japanese tea master, Souheki Mori and I have talked about our ‘Mini Green Tea Tree project’. She was surprise that we are the only one that grow the green tea trees in NYC. She and my good friend Midori Goto, Cultural Affairs Specialist form Consulate General of Japan in NY came in our planting day. What a honor. Souheki said “This is my dream come true that I am planting Green tea trees in NYC where I have worked Japanese Tea culture”. After planting, she was ready for performing the tea ceremony. She prepared Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) which will be pairing with Matcha tea. We were amazed when she set up the beautiful Japanese traditional utensils on the table. Chawa (Tea Bowl), Usuchaki (Lacquer tea container for thin teas), Chaire (Ceramic tea container for thick teas), Chasen (Tea whisk), Chashaku (Tea scoop) It was wonderful experience for all of us to see Japanese traditional culture. Hope we have the tea ceremony with her sometimes in future as the green tea trees grow.

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